You can invest in Etherbanking Coin on a proprietary Etherbanking platform from the Etherbanking console. This investment option is related to the profit from Etherbanking trading on the Etherbanking Exchange (EBC). You will receive daily returns based on your investment preferences. Once the investment period is over, you will be able to withdraw funds from the Etherbanking platform, or you can choose to reinvest in order to continue to receive daily returns.

Etherbanking rates will be calculated using our Etherbanking Price Volatility software. The return on loans is equal to the interest rate that changes over time, which is determined by the software and the Etherbanking Trading Bot. Etherbanking will consider the closing interest rate of the software to calculate the next day interest.

To invest in Etherbanking Lending, you need to buy EBC by charging BTC or ETH into the system and then buy the EBC on the floor to join the Lending package you want to invest.

etherbanking coin

Investment packages in EtherBanking
Start $ 100 – $ 1,000
365 days
Basic $ 1,050 – $ 5,000
320 days Common 
Standard $ 5,050 – $ 10,000
268 days
Advance $ 10,050 – $ 50,000
0.70 %%
225 days
Premium $ 50,050 – $ 100,000
176 days

Online investment is always risky so you invest in the ability to allow!


You can create an Etherbanking account and join the Etherbanking community by visiting one of the links below or inbox for me:

Subscription:  (students do not click on this link)

Investment Guide:  09 2525 4466  (Zalo) or facebook:

You sign up through the ref link for yourself, I will look back% back to the brothers!

Remember to sign up for an account so you do not lose anything, so do it right, then you log in to see the system inside of it! Anyway, do better soon !!

Wish you success with Etherbanking investment!