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Etherbanking Development Roadmap – EBC Electronic Funds 2017 – 2018

Etherbanking Development Roadmap – EBC Electronic Funds 2017 – 2018

There are a lot of people involved in investing in the Etherbanking project and there are many who might be wondering what is the next development plan for Etherbanking? Do not know how to value the money will grow further over time? What has Etherbanking evolved and what is the Etherbanking ecosystem waiting for?

EBC has four stages of development.

  • EBC LENDING: Pay interest on a daily basis
  • EBC STAKING: ICO Shares After 3 months
  • EBC TRADING: Trade community T8 / 2018
  • EBC MINING: Community of T8 / 2018
  •  EBC is focusing on phase 1 to pay dayly profit mainly on EBC EXCHANGE after 3 months, expected November 30, 2017 will be listed on Helping investors make peace of mind in the investment process.EBC will grow steadily because it is not dominated by external markets.EBC is expected to be $ 150 in a year and the initial price at which investors can own a starting price of $ 0.1 (up 1500 times)

Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of Etherbanking from the beginning to 2018:

1- 8/2017: Etherbanking Lending and Marketing

  • Start Lending Etherbanking. Run the Lending program.
  • Distributing EBC 9 billion to the EtherBanking community as a bonus to investors
  • Marketing campaigns for branding and branding for EBC will run in conjunction with Coin Distribution.

2/20/2017: Etherbanking – ICO.

  • In December there was a special event that was ICOs for EBC. This is an opportunity to collect EBC at $ 10.
  • Coin EBC in this event is expected to be a chance to make money through Coin Staking.

January 1, 1818: Launched EBC Wallet on the Web and EBC Desktop Wallet.

  • Desktop software for desktop is used for Staking and Coin digging with specific instructions
  • E-wallets will be available so that the community can send and exchange EBC on the transaction platform
  • The marketing campaign will continue to run during this time to expand the new crypto community.

February -2018: Launched EBC exchange platform.

March / March 1818: Launched EBC blockchain page, EBC explorer.

April 4, 1818: Listed on Coinmatketcap.

May 5, 1818: Launched EBC wallet on Android, launching the first tank for the opportunity to make money through EBC mining and create a community of business cooperation.

June-June 1818: System patches, launches IOS applications, and security enhancements.

  • System patches, launches IOS applications, and enhances security.
  • Listed on EBC on more trading floors

August 1818: Smart Card launches, launches Web Staking Wallet for EBC staking opportunities.

  • Smart card development for everyday gadgets
  • Distribute the EtherBanking Smart Card to the EtherBanking Coin community.
  • Run a strong marketing campaign

10- December, 1818: Carry out seminars to launch and introduce the features of EBC (help EBC increase prices faster).

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