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Does Etherbanking have a lingering risk? How to reduce the risk when investing?

Does Etherbanking have a lingering risk?

In 2017, many of the investment projects entrusted to appear based on Bitcoin copper mediated and more profitable figures sent to the bank. There are live projects, such as successful bitcoinnect, Questra, … and also many failed projects such as Ethetrade.

Any investment or investment project or investment project at any time is always risky. Only risk is low or high

Minh is very angry with the marketing people say that the project is safe and 100% sure and misleading investors.

When investing in electronic money and especially investing in currencies that are in the inception phase or even the ICO phase there are even risks called even venture capital. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in this area please consider carefully before investing and should only invest an amount suitable for your financial ability. In particular, you should not borrow money or pledge assets to invest because it can cause you a major financial problems.

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I personally think the Etherbanking project is a high-risk investment project because the project is still starting but is a potential super-profit project.

Often people have the psychology to see what is clear but often the profits are not high anymore.

However, always remember the first rule: “Eggs never put together a basket” should you split the money to invest in different investment channels.

What exactly is the risk involved in the Lending Bitconnect model?

  • Scam companies or insufficient long-distance capabilities like Bitconnect (which has been around for 2 years and is still growing)
  • Etherbanking is low interest or unprofitable.
  • Hack, DDOS, Attack: Attack network can always happen in the trading floor in today’s era. This is a common risk if the company encounters a difficult attack from hackers of all sizes and loses the investor’s money is not unlikely.

How to reduce the risk of investing in EBC?

Money is definitely risky, but important is NOT?

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You should own financial management principles, here you suggest for example for your reference: you have 100 million, you bring 20 million investment opportunities to help x100 property but the possibility of 90% loss white. $ 30 million you send the bank or leave cabinets to spend and when needed. $ 50 million to invest in safe, but lower interest rates (buy coins like Bitcoin, Ether, …, buy houses, buy gold)

We want to have the opportunity of x100 even x1000 times the property is also prepared to accept any situation.

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